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Amrit Ras

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Amrit Ras

Amrut Kalash -Amrit Ras :-

Ayurveda is the oldest documented body of holistic medical knowledge, with a system of plant oils and herbs, originating in India over 6,000 years ago. While Ayurveda has many herbal formulas to rid the body of disease and keep it healthy, it also has appreciated few herbs for controlling blood sugar in Diabetes Amrut Kalash as per Ayurveda means Elixir of Life”.  Amrut Kalash(Amrit Ras) made from 100% Pure Vijaysar Herbal wood  (Indian kino or Pterocarpus Marsupium ) really acts as Elixir of Life for diabetes patients as it is full of active ingredients which effectively controls blood sugar in Diabetes Type 2.

Characteristics of Pt. Marsupium as per Ayurveda :-

  • Rasa (Taste) : Kashya (Astrigent), Tikta (Bitter).

  • Guna (Characteristics) : Lakhu (Light), Ruksha (Rough)

  • Veerya (Potency) : Sheeta (Cold)

  • Vipaka (Post digestion effect) : Katu (Pungent).

  • Actions according to Ayurveda :-

  • Rasayana : Pt. Marsupium rejuvenates each and every cell of the body.

  • Raktasodhana : Pt. Marsupium purifies the blood and removes all toxins from it.

  • Pramehaghna : Pt. Marsupium is useful in all disease which involve discoloration of urine including diabetes.

Benefits of  Amrut Kalash :-

-          It is made from heartwood of 100% Pure Pterocarpus Marsupium Herbal wood which is derived from minimum 10 years old tree.

-          Pterocarpus Marsupium Herbal wood has been used for control of blood sugar in diabetes since ancient times in India.

-          Regular use of Amrut Kalash significantly reduce blood sugar in diabetes.

-          Modulates tissue glucose utilization in insulin dependent tissues.

-          Delays onset of diabetic complications.

-          Reduces fasting and post parandial hyperglycemia.

-          Regenerates beta cells of pancreas.

-          Reduces symptoms for diabetes like Production of large volumes of urine, excessive eating,intense thirsts, burning pains in limbs and general weakness.

How to Use  Amrut Kalash- Amrit Ras :-

-          Wash the tumbler with running water.

-          Fill the tumbler with drinking water (Approx. 100 ml) at night.

-          The water will turn reddish brown after 8-10 hours.

-          Filter the colored water and consume it 10-15 mins. Before breakfast.

-          Again fill the tumbler with drinking water.

-          Consume the colored water 10-15 mins. Before dinner.

-          Use it continuously for 30 days.

-          Scratch the inside surface of tumbler with sharp object (screw driver etc.)

-          Again use the tumbler for 15 days.

-          After 45 days…place one herbal wood piece in tumbler and fill the tumbler with drinking WATER